Studying for the test: Big mistake!

I bought a two-pack test, and was determined that I would only use it when I experienced signs or symptoms. So I read up, of course, on the signs. Which was my first big mistake. I read you get fatigued, and I felt tired. I read that the bobbies get soar and tender, and mine felt…you guessed it. And so on. Nautious in the morning. “Feeling pregnant” was even a symptom, and so I “felt pregnant.” Can we say 27 year old drama queen?

So, of course, after the first month, 29 days since my last cycle, I took the test. I felt certain, until I opened the box and read the instructions. Then I started to feel mistaken. Silly. Was I really tired, or was that just too much Rockband over the weekend? Was it extra emotional for me to cry 3 times during the “Biggest Loser,” or am I just a huge sap?

Wally and I waited. 2 minutes. And laughed. And hoped. Survey says? One line. Not pregnant. Boo. Let’s try again!


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