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He has a heart!

I spent last night looking through 5-6 websites on how the baby is developing. I haven’t been to the doc yet, but I believe I’m at around 6 weeks. Everything leading up to week 6 was pretty boring. (First 2 weeks or so you’re not even pregnant, then it’s this blob thing, blah blah blah. The only significant item of note is the spinal chord beginning to form.) But it just got exciting, folks. My little guy is still only .25″ or less long, but he has a heart! A little, teeny, eety, beety, baby, beating heart. He barely has a neck, but he has this tiny heart, bulging out of his body.

I told Wally how big he is, and Wally held out his thumb and finger at about the size. Then I told him the little guy has a heart, and Wally pinched his fingers together in rhythm and made a baby heart-pumping sound. Then he stopped and said, “He loves us!”

The little guy also has indents that will eventually become eyes, ears, and a mouth, and 4 cute little nubbins that will become arms and legs. He’s working hard this week!

I showed Wally a picture, and he said it looks like a chicken nugget. So that’s what you can imagine, our little chicken nugget, with a head and the beginning of a neck, and a little extra bulge sticking out of the middle that is my favorite teeny beating development so far.

Today, I’ve given the heart a lot of thought. When some stresses at work have come up, I’ve let my mind drift to that tiny heart, beating away. I like that the heart is one of the first things. First spine, then heart. It makes me happy. Nothing can bother me now, people, my little guy has a heart!


Peeing on a stick, try number 2

This time we decided to wait 1 week after the expected cycle was missed, just to not feel quite as silly as last time. Also, to save on pregnancy test costs, as those little hormone-detecting suckers cost! First of all, peeing on a stick is awkward. It sounds simple. Maybe to those more coordinated types it is. But there are many roadblocks, including but not limited to:

  • Awkward angling
  • Putting the cap back on—ew!
  • Finding somewhere to set it—double ew!

So Wally and I waited. His glass was half empty (tempering my hope, I think…how sweet). Mine was spilling over. I felt pretty certain, already excited. We waited 2 minutes. For 2 lines. We checked.

“Two lines!” says me!

“What? Really?” says the future dad!

There were hugs. There were tears. There was picture taking of the peed on stick. It was beautiful, folks.

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