1st Doc Visit: 9 Weeks! I mean 6 weeks! Yay!

Wally and I went to the doc for the first full checkup. It included:

  • Waiting. And peeing in a cup.
  • Weight and blood pressure taking.
  • Waiting. (No peeing this time.)
  • Check up. (Wally’s first experience at an OB checkup. New world for him!)
  • Waiting.
  • Ultrasound. More on this later.
  • Waiting.
  • Blood-taking.
  • Waiting.
  • Ask the doc time.
  • Done!

So during the exam, the doctor told us we were 9 weeks (based on the last cycle time) and our due date was October 14. Woo hoo! This meant we were almost done with the 1st trimester, which supposedly means I’m almost done with the mental stomach monster!

Then we went to the ultrasound. The doc said we’d have to do an internal one (which means through the privates). Ew. I told Wally, This is not how I pictured the first ultrasound. But when we went into the Ultrasound Tech’s room, she said she’d be doing an “unofficial” ultrasound, so the normal on the belly kind you see in the movies. Much better.

First the jelly, then the searching. Then more searching. She couldn’t find our baby! She asked if my cycles were normally 28 days, and while I was telling her they’re much longer, she found it. Heart beat. Little blips on the little radar screen. We couldn’t hear it, but she said those blips were it.

And she told us we’re only 6 weeks along, due October 30! Yay to our little Halloween baby! But boo to waiting longer. Oh well, I’m just glad the guy has a heart (a new heart, actually, new this week), and that we finally know when to expect to meet the little guy face to face.


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