Introducing…Baby Ottenhoff!

We decided to tell the families last weekend and this weekend, as we were having large family birthday gatherings where we could tell multiple people at once. We decided to handle it the same way at each party…Give a birthday card from Baby Ottenhoff to one of the birthday guests, announcing his near arrival. At Wally’s family, the card was for Bops (his grandpa) and at mine it was for Liz and Earl (sis and bro-in-law). Memorable moments from the events:

  • Bops read the card to himself first, then hushed the table of 14 and read aloud.
  • Wally’s dad, Walter III, nudged me the whole time, asking who the card was from?
  • Liz read the card, and freaked out mid-way through to stop reading. She thought it was a lie (I had poured myself a glass of wine just before to throw them off).
  • My mom hugged me for a good 3 full minutes, then offered to provide full time daycare, then couldn’t taste her food the whole meal.
  • A minute or so after being told they couldn’t tell anyone yet, Jane (Wally’s sister) pulled out  her  phone to call her friends and let them know.
  • Mary (Wally’s cousin) was the first person to ask me, “So, when are you due?” That made it feel real!
  • The whole family is still on a bit of a high from the news!

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