My Grandpa’s hope

My Grandpa is a great man. He’s sweet, quiet, gentle, a good storyteller (like all respectable Mays), and when he says, “Hey, beautiful,” you really do feel beautiful. The day after he found out about the baby, I called his house to ask my Mama May a question, and she wasn’t around. His first comment on the phone was, “So, how’s the future mommy?” Since he found out, that has been his first question every time I’ve seen him. But I didn’t realize exactly how important the baby was to him until tonight.

At dinner (more on dinner tomorrow), Wally and I got to sit by him. In the middle of dinner, he called the table to attention (“I have something to say to Mollie and Wally,” and when he says this, people listen intently). He gave us a memorable speech:

“Over the past year or so, I’ve been reading about WWII vets. They are dying at the rate of 1,000 per day. So I have just been living each day, day to day. But ever since I heard your news, I have a longer term goal. I have to stay around until at least October 30, because I need to meet my great grandbaby!”

We’re lucky because the doc recently told him he’s the healthiest 85 year old he’s ever had as a patient. And the baby can’t wait to meet him!


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