The first noise, if the baby had ears…

img_1035My Mama May (one of Baby V’s future great grandmas) and mom have been cooking up a plan to tell my Aunts, Uncles and cousins for some time. They’ve had a few weeks to work out when and where, and they picked last night when everyone would be at an Easter dinner in Sun City. I was excited to tell, but I have to admit, my mom and Mama May could not be beat in that excitement. Here’s my evidence at how much they were looking forward to the night:

  • I showed up late to the event, so everyone had arrived by the time I got there. My Mama May came over to hug me, and gave a HUGE obvious wink. Then while hugging, she whispered loudly, “We’re going to tell in a few minutes!!!!”
  • The HUGE winks continued every time I looked her direction as I greeted the rest of the folks there.
  • My mom apparently had been taking Wally aside since he got there a few hours before and showing him the Easter egg she’d be giving me that had onesies in it.
  • Wally claimed to have gotten about a hundred HUGE winks in the hour before I arrived.

Finally the moment arrived, and my mom handed me a large Easter egg. I pretended to not know what was going on, and proceeded to open it up. It had a onesie inside (doll size, really! The baby will only be able to wear it the first day!) that said, “Grandma loves me.” I held it up over my belly. There was a moment of silence. Then my Aunt Becky burst out with, “Wait, does this mean…?” I shook my head yes.

Then it happened. If the baby had ears yet, I’m sure this would be the first noise she ever heard. My mom, Aunt Sara, and Aunt Becky, all whoop-scream-laughing in unison, for a good few minutes. Enough time for me to hug my Aunts, Uncles, and for about 200 tears to be shed. And it confirmed what I suspected. This baby is so loved already.


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