I’ll take one boy, please!

I have been getting slack for calling him a he, so I’d better ‘splain myself. Wally is Walter Ben Ottenhoff IV. And while there’s no pressure from Wally’s family, I feel very responsible for carrying on the roman numeral! It wouldn’t be so bad if we were only the 3rd generation or so. But we’re talking 5th! There have been 4 successful traditions of Wally Bens, all with their little Y chromosomes, hanging out, showing off, and in true Ottenhoff fashion, winning. So I want to be successful also. I want to win!

Don’t get me wrong. I will be just as excited for a little girl. We plan to have 2 kids, so we’d have another try. I just don’t want that second try to take on all the pressure!

We have a beautiful name picked out for a little girl. If she is a she, I will dress her in pink, paint her nails, and put bows in her hair. I will take her to ballet, and laugh at her like my mom laughed at me, if she is as ungraceful as I am. I will love her and hug her and tell her I’m so glad she ended up being a girl, because I can’t imagine anything more perfect than her.

But for now, he’s a he, until we find out otherwise. We’ll find out in June. Here’s to hoping!


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