Am I, though? Am I really? Oh, yes I am.

At my last doctor’s appointment (when I got to hear the little guy’s heartbeat for the first time), my doctor warned me that the time between that and the next appointment would be very odd for me: with food aversion/nausea fading and eventually going away altogether (yay, gone!), and some of the other future discomforts still in the future, I wouldn’t quite feel pregnant.

And it’s true. There are a lot of moments where I don’t remember…forget even. I’ll be doing some planning at work for something in December, and only after a conversation is over will I think, “Oh, yeah, I’ll be on maternity leave in December.”

But then I have a few constant reminders.

1. My expanding waistline. I’m not showing much yet, but there’s a definite bulge. Enough that last night, when I was sitting by my dad on the couch, he reached over and gave the side of my belly a poke. Of course, as my friend Molly says of her second pregnancy (when she didn’t even realize she was pregnant until around this far along), it could have just been all those donuts I’ve been eating. But no, Molly, it was your second daughter. (Thank goodness, right?) And my own little bulge is my little guy.

2. I am a teenager again. I find myself thinking of Twitter/Facebook status updates that are mean. But the people I want to write about deserve it! For example, “Who is more annoying at the workout place, the two guys who banter loudly swearing back and forth on machines, or the ladies in the workout room who turn the volume up on 2 separate stations.” I assure you, it’s the hormones talking, people! The other night, I tried tilting the seat in a stroller we just got to see how it worked, and 15 minutes later found myself still unable to work it, but perfectlly willing to yell at it, kick it, or rip it to shreds with my bare hands and teeth. (Luckily, I was able to pull myself away before any of these next steps happened. But it was close. Oh, so dangerously close.) When I feel like this, I just want someone to show me to the nearest door so I can slam it. Repeatedly. It wouldn’t solve the problem, but it would feel so good!

3. I am sleepy. At a one-on-one meeting the other night (as in, me with one other person), I did not pay attention to much of what we were talking about, as I had to concentrate my focus on keeping my eyes open. I likely had a constant look of startle on my face, eyebrows raised, eyes popped open, as I was taking no chances. (Wally had a meeting with a client once at work where this happened. Mid-conversation, the dude just took a brief nap. Wally could have offered him a pillow, shook him awake, clapped in his face, or threw a pen at him, but he’s too polite and so he just kept talking as if it wasn’t happening. I didn’t want to be that dude.)

So yes, I’m pregnant. Quite pregnant. Yay!


1 Response to “Am I, though? Am I really? Oh, yes I am.”

  1. 1 Coach April 26, 2009 at 3:59 am

    I was reading your 3 points and got scared. Am I pregnant as well?
    I could see those 3 problems as well especially your point number 2. Maybe it’s just raging old mannish boy hormones? Love 3
    P.S. Give a kiss on the tummy to my grandchild wee vee. Woh that might hurt your back.

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