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On changing perspective

We’ve all heard that having a baby changes your whole life, and so I guess perspective changing is a given. Already so much has changed in terms of how I view the world.

Time has changed. Everything is pre/post baby. If anything requires a date, my first thought is, will I still be pregnant or will I have a little baby to hang out with? A month ago, I had the experience that changed me to the pre-post baby persepective. I had to make my next dental appointment in December, and usually I go at 7:40AM before work. They were setting it up at 7:40 before I actually gave it some thought…in December, I’ll be on maternity leave. Wally will be getting ready for work, so I’ll need someone to watch the baby. I changed it to late morning and called my mom shortly after to ask her to babysit that day. She was thrilled. (My dad tells me she promptly called him to tell him, then marked it in the calendar, underlined it, and put a checkmark by it.)

Also, you know how, when you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, suddenly refrigerators are on sale in every circular? Well, I see pregnant ladies everywhere. I can’t go out in public without seeing another pregnant lady. All further along than I am, as they’re obviously pregnant, where I’m just getting past the phase where I could have just done too many keg stands. (I swear my neighbors are wondering, but are afraid to ask. I’m going to be ready the first time someone asks to say, “How could you!” and look shocked and offended, then storm into my house and slam the door.)

This one is by far the most important: reading celebrity magazines has changed. I page through, and when I find the babies I see how old they are. Then I point out to Wally which month next year we will have one of these kind of babies. (Matthew McConoughy’s baby will be our baby by next August.)

Finally, my perspective on the baby boy vs. girl has changed. We find out on Tuesday if it’s a boy or a girl, and I don’t know which I’ll be more excited about. If he’s a boy, I’ll be excited to have another Wally in the house. If she’s a girl, she’ll be so pretty and sweet. (I’ll worry about the tradition of the Wally’s with the next one!) Anyway, I’ve created a poll to see what you all think. We have our ultrasound Tuesday afternoon, so vote now!


A message to those selling baby items on Craigslist

Dear people selling baby items on Craigslist,

Thank you. You’ve provided me hours of entertainment. Sometimes multiple hours in one night. In fact, as I write this, between sentences I am checking through the baby items that are for sale. (Period. Check items. Write. Period. Check items…)

First of all, I do love your crib! It is beautiful, as you described in your title and your description. It’s odd to me, though that yours, along with about 75% of the other cribs listed, is “like new” because your baby “liked to co-sleep” and so they slept in it only a few times. Really? All of these co-sleeping babies! All of these hardly used cribs! Parents, aren’t you worried you’re going to roll over and smoosh your little beautiful clean non-chewing, anti-crib babies?

And for some items, your pictures are so nice! Professional, even. I love how you eliminated the entire background of the photo, so only the item was showing, just like in a catalog. In fact, if I compare it to the item on, your photo is the exact same. They used your photo! You should call, as this must be a breach of your rights.

Speaking of the original place of purchase, interesting how so many items are so “like new” that you are selling for 90% of the original cost. Thank you for taking $5 off the cost of that baby bouncer. Such deep discounts will really help curb the cost of the baby, and it really is worth it to buy used. Especially since the item was only at Grandma’s house, so it was only used twice. (Grandma must either live in Timbuktu, or she was mean and crotchety, and not very fun to visit!)

Also, thank you for listing that same item today and yesterday, and the day before that and that. It helps me to be sure each time it’s listed that I don’t want it. Again. And again. And again.

Lastly, no, I don’t want your used breast pump. *Shudder.*

As I said earlier, I’m a big fan of yours. I will keep checking your items, looking for that perfect treasure. So keep on posting!


Mollie, Craigslist Addict

Bargain Baby

From doing a little research, I’m noticing babies are quite expensive. In addition to the medical costs of doc visits, tests, and a brief hospital stay where the baby will be sneezed out (here’s to hoping), we have to consider all the supplies Babies R Us makes me think I need (or want badly, at least, because they’re so cute and my little baby will look so cute using that _____ [insert cute little baby item here]).

So I’m starting early in order to cut corners where appropriate. If you know my mom, you know she loves a good garage sale. And she loves my baby. The perfect combination for making my baby the bargain baby spokesbaby!

We’ve already scored a pretty sweet stroller/carrier/carseat set (blue…again, here’s to hoping), a cute jungle-themed swing that makes rain and monkey noises, a bathing system, and little velcro pillows for a baby carrier to keep the little lumps head steady (in the image on the package, the baby looks so darn happy to be smooshed between two cotton pads, who could resist buying it?).

I’m also lucky…I’ve got one friend that offered me to rifle through her baby items she won’t be needing any more. And I’ve recently discovered the Craigslist baby items section. I fully plan on checking that every day for new treasures.

There’s also the small matter of maternity clothes…a sudden need for a new wardrobe that I can only wear for 5 or so months. I’ve tried extending my regular wardrobe as long as possible. The issue is, I walked into a room to ask Wally if one of my shirts I was wearing was too short, and before I had the chance to ask, Wally just laughed at me. Yipes!

Luckily, my sister is one of those tiny girls that baby doll shirts look fab on, so she has about 10. And she was generous to do a “shirt exchange” with me for the summer. I gave her some of my tops that I don’t want to stretch out, and she gave me a few weeks worth of shirts. Work friends, get ready to see me in the same handful of shirts over and over for the next few months.

Also, there’s my new favorite invention: the belly band. My sister-in-law just gave me two of these puppies over the weekend. I almost don’t want to reveal the secret, because it’s such a good one. But basically, it’s a tube of spandex material that I can wear around my stomach and hips, and it’s tight enough to hold up my pants and mask that they are not buttoned. If it sticks out the bottom of my shirt, it’s fine, as it looks like the bottom of my underneath tank top. Hats off to whoever invented these cloth tubes of magic and wonder!

I’m supposed to start feeling the baby kick sometime in the next few weeks, so hopefully that will be my next post!

Things I want for Baby Ottenhoff

The past few weeks, I’ve started to shift away from thinking about pregnancy toward thinking about what happens after. Since, as they say in Juno, pregnancy can often lead to an infant.

We’re working more on clearing out the baby room, and as it gets emptier, I’m able to imagine more and more what it will be like to have a little baby hanging around. I picture him sleeping in his crib, hanging out in his daddy’s arms, wrapped up in big soft blankets, hanging out in his little carrier, swinging in his little swing, bouncing around in a little jumper thingy (when do they stop being tiny lumps of things and start bouncing?). I picture him laughing, scooping the dog poop, going to school, graduating, getting married.

Anyhow, picturing the little guy makes me think about all the things I want for him. So here’s an incomplete list, to date:

  1. I want him to be healthy. Like, 100th percentile, all organs in place and functioning, blood flowing, lungs breathing, 10 digits on hands and feet healthy. (Although, a friend I know through work had a son with 6 digits on each hand. It would be kind of awesome to say to my baby, “You have 6 fingers on your left hand. Someone was looking for you.”)
  2. I want him to forgive me for using him as my diaper-changing, lump-bathing, midnight-feeding, spit-up wiping guinea pig.
  3. I want him to have a sense of humor, and a big baby laugh.
  4. I want him to have Wally’s athletic ability and grace. And if he gets my grace, I want him to be a fast healer and to come with a lifetime supply of band-aids.
  5. I want him to love books and reading as much as I do. I want him to beg for one more book to be read to him at night.
  6. I want him to know both sets of grandparents equally well. Because of proximity, he’ll see Gramps (isn’t my dad just born to be a “Gramps”) and Mama D often. I want him to get at least every-other-week visits with Grandma Ott and Coach. (We’ll have to let Wee V come up with a name for Coach, as it has to be equal parts strange and funny. One of Wally’s grandmas is called “Donno” because Wally’s oldest cousin, Adam, called her that when he was learning to speak because she liked donuts. Coach likes chocolate, his bike named “Yettibear”, and Rob and Big. He could be called anything!)
  7. He’s blessed to have 5 great grandparents. I want him to get as much time as possible in their arms, basking in their warmth and wisdom.
  8. I want him to have his Uncle Joe’s laugh, Auntie LizE’s calm and easygoingness, Uncle Joel’s natural smarts, Auntie Jane’s charm, Uncle (Earl) Joe’s level head, and Auntie Liz’s pluckiness, scrappiness, and general sillyness. And I want him to know “Uncle Joe” is not one word (since all he has is a Joe, Joe and Joel, but I’m not sure how to teach that).
  9. I want him to be best friends with Jane and Joel’s little guy, who’s making his debut at the end of this month.

Our baby’s heartbeat!

At the last doc visit, I got to hear the little guy’s heart. The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if Wally got the chance to hear it with me. But good news! We hear the heart at every doc visit, so Wally came with this time.

Wally was so excited to hear it, it was all he could think about the rest of the day.

And now, without further ado, something special for you folks…I will let our baby take it from here!

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