On changing perspective

We’ve all heard that having a baby changes your whole life, and so I guess perspective changing is a given. Already so much has changed in terms of how I view the world.

Time has changed. Everything is pre/post baby. If anything requires a date, my first thought is, will I still be pregnant or will I have a little baby to hang out with? A month ago, I had the experience that changed me to the pre-post baby persepective. I had to make my next dental appointment in December, and usually I go at 7:40AM before work. They were setting it up at 7:40 before I actually gave it some thought…in December, I’ll be on maternity leave. Wally will be getting ready for work, so I’ll need someone to watch the baby. I changed it to late morning and called my mom shortly after to ask her to babysit that day. She was thrilled. (My dad tells me she promptly called him to tell him, then marked it in the calendar, underlined it, and put a checkmark by it.)

Also, you know how, when you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, suddenly refrigerators are on sale in every circular? Well, I see pregnant ladies everywhere. I can’t go out in public without seeing another pregnant lady. All further along than I am, as they’re obviously pregnant, where I’m just getting past the phase where I could have just done too many keg stands. (I swear my neighbors are wondering, but are afraid to ask. I’m going to be ready the first time someone asks to say, “How could you!” and look shocked and offended, then storm into my house and slam the door.)

This one is by far the most important: reading celebrity magazines has changed. I page through, and when I find the babies I see how old they are. Then I point out to Wally which month next year we will have one of these kind of babies. (Matthew McConoughy’s baby will be our baby by next August.)

Finally, my perspective on the baby boy vs. girl has changed. We find out on Tuesday if it’s a boy or a girl, and I don’t know which I’ll be more excited about. If he’s a boy, I’ll be excited to have another Wally in the house. If she’s a girl, she’ll be so pretty and sweet. (I’ll worry about the tradition of the Wally’s with the next one!) Anyway, I’ve created a poll to see what you all think. We have our ultrasound Tuesday afternoon, so vote now!


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