The Ultrasound: It’s a…

We plan to post a short video of the ultrasound, but since we haven’t yet, I’ll describe the experience.

We woke up June 2 extremely excited. That day we’d find out if Wee V was a he or she, and we couldn’t wait. Neither of us were sure how much it would change things to know. We just knew we wanted to know so bad!

On the drive to the appointment, we were both thrilled. Of course, we both show it in different ways. I show it by asking Wally over and over the same questions, “Do you think it’s a boy or girl?” and “Do you want a boy or girl?” and “Do you think the dogs will be better with a boy or a girl” and “What do you think the dogs think it is, boy or a girl?” Wally shows his excitement by putting up with all my questions.

In the waiting room, more questions from me. And more tolerating answers from Wally. At this point, I was nervous. I’m not sure why…I would have loved either answer. I think I saw it as an initial introduction to the baby…we’d see him for the first time (besides when he looked like a chicken nugget), and it would feel like he knew and was seeing us, too. Like he has his own ultrasound screen in there and is seeing us in black and gray fuzz and thinking, Oh, so that’s who these goofballs are that I’m starting to hear. That’s the dude who sings when he’s walking around and the chick who feeds me icecream.

Then we finally got into the ultrasound room. We had Susan, a much recommended, much talked about technician who has been doing this for 35 years and is never wrong when she tells you how the baby is doing, and if you have a boy or girl. If she can’t get a good angle of whether she’s looking at girl or boy parts, she works it until she knows, because she knows it’s important to people.

She turned down the lights in the room, squirted the warm jelly on my belly, and gave us our first view of the baby. Which looked like a blob. I had no idea what I was seeing. “That’s a crotch shot,” she said, “But the umbilical cord is blocking some of the view.”


“So do you know if it’s a girl or boy right now,” I asked. Please know, please know, please know.

“I have an idea, because I think I see something sticking out, but it’s blocked, so we’ll wait to say until there’s a better angle.”

At this point you could tell the baby was moving around, but it was still hard to see what we were looking at. Then she got a different angle, and started to type on the screen an arrow, then “penis.” Boy!!!! (Oh man, he’ll love this shot when he’s 15.)


She said then that as soon as she called him out on it, he turned and gave her a full view. Like saying, Aw, the gig is up. You got me. What a jokester.

Then Wally and I knew…little Wally Ben Ottenhoff V! And what a relief! I immediately pictured a handsome little guy running around, sporty like his dad, and sweet and fun. I also felt relief…no pressure for the next baby! We know we’ve got the next Wally. The 5th generation of totally awesome men.

The rest of the ultrasound was amazing. We then got views of the baby where we could clearly see legs, arms, belly, nose.


We saw him kicking, bouncing around, shifting positions and resting. We saw him open his mouth really wide, saying, Hey mom, hey dad. What’s up? We even saw him sucking his thumb.


Susan couldn’t get a good view of his spine, and as soon as she said that, he shifted over to show a great spine shot. What a good little boy.


Already we can tell he’s one cool little dude. He’s active, funny, and helpful. We love him. Him!


3 Responses to “The Ultrasound: It’s a…”

  1. 1 MM & Grandpa June 12, 2009 at 7:33 am

    Welcome to this wonderful, zany, affectionate, fun loving family Wally Ben V!!! We love you!

  2. 2 coach June 12, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    I can see by his pictures that he is a handsome little guy.

  3. 3 Auntie Liz June 16, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    He has your wavy black lines! (have I overused that yet?)

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