Happy First Father’s Day, Dad!

This morning was a very special day, and time to celebrate: Wally IV’s first Father’s Day! In honor, I decided to let Wally V write this post, as a letter to his dad.

Dear Dad,

What should I call you, Dad? Daddy? Pops? IV? Q? Waaaaaa? (The last one probably will work for now. Whenever I make that noise, you can come running to feed me or hold me and make me feel better. Then when I’m calm and sweet and cute again, Mom can take me!)

Anyway, I’m very excited you’re my dad. I can tell already you must be pretty funny, since mom always laughs the hardest when you’re around. Especially when you do funny things, like 3 second disco routines, or run into mom while you guys are riding scooters and call it “bumper scooter”, or say things in your Kermit the Frog voice. I am going to love when you’re around. Mommy is going to teach me how to say, “Again, again!” just so that she and I can laugh a little more.

I’m also excited because you’re pretty good with a baby. You were holding my new cousin, Grady, last weekend, and he looked so comfy. He had a nice nap right in your arms. I know you will just love to hold me and bounce me and make me feel so safe. I know you’ll love to hold me so much, that you’ll jump out of bed at 3AM every morning to feed me. We’ll have great late night man-to-man bonding time. I just know it!

You do need to do a few things before I come, though:

  1. Learn the words to a few songs. I heard mom ask you to sing something the other day, and you just went blank. Nothing! I know you know a lot of great songs, but too much pressure to be asked on the spot. So build a little repertoire of songs you know I will love, because like the kids mom babysat the other weekend, I will ask you to sing to me. And you have to be ready! (By the way, when those kids asked Mom, she also went blank. Then she sang a song they requested, and felt very weird standing and singing to a seated, captive audience of 2. But then she realized, they’re kids, they don’t feel weird about listening, so she just belted it out. You’ll get used to being my own, personal American Idol, I know it.)
  2. Know that you are my top choice for a dad. Of all the potential possible dads in the world, I pick you. And not because of what mom calls your handsome good looks, but because you are so smart and calm. You will be the best teacher of life that I could ask for. You will take me to church. You will be my coach. (Mom should not be allowed to teach me to throw.) You’ll be my friend. My confidante. My example. My guide. I will always be excited to tell people, “That’s my dad.”
  3. Please learn how to change a diaper. And then teach mom. I don’t want to be “that kid” who seems to need to spackle up that butt crack all the time. Please.

That’s it! You are my favorite. Happy Father’s Day!


Small Wal


4 Responses to “Happy First Father’s Day, Dad!”

  1. 1 TallWall (Wally IV) June 21, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    Thanks so much Wally Ben V for the great post. (And thanks to Mollie for helping you write it) I hope that I can live up to all your expectations. I know I’ll try and be the best dad I can be and love you with everything I’ve got.

  2. 2 Danielle Mayberry June 21, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    Wow sign that kid up for gifted…. letter writing from the womb, he is going to be a real challenge for his teachers :). So cute, as I told you yesterday I so love your blogs. If you need some songs to practice I did teach daycare for 4 years and know quite a few good ones.

  3. 3 MM & Grandpa June 22, 2009 at 5:50 am

    I hope Wally V will soon know that he will be one of the most loved babies in the world! That love will see him through life!

  4. 4 mom ott June 22, 2009 at 10:58 am

    great post….one of wally’s favorite songs when he was a toddler was the cowboy song or rather chant.

    “Way out west where the bad guys are,
    and the only thing to guide you is the evening star,
    is the roughest, toughest, man by far,
    ragtime cowboy, WALLY!”

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