Interview with the Expectant Father

Well, the grandparent’s post will be a great memory for Wally V in the future, and so I also thought the little guy might wonder what his dad was thinking during the exciting time of waiting for him to arrive. Without further ado, an interview with Wally IV (Tall Wal?):

Baby practiceHow does it feel to know there will be a Wally V…that the name lives on?
I’ve said the whole time there was never any pressure from me about the name—I think I’m way more excited he’s a boy! It’s going to be fun.

What is one big question you still have about baby care?
How will I know when Wally V is sick. I know the obvious answer is crying, but it seems like that isn’t always going to be the case.

What are you looking forward to most about with Wally V?
Playing games and having fun with him.

What are you most afraid of or dreading?
I most want to be sure he’s a healthy little boy. And that I can still help him with his math homework.

What character and physical qualities do you expect he’ll have? What from mom and what from you?
Chubby cheeks like his mom, big calves like his dad. Blonde curly hair—the blonde from Mollie, the curly from me.

How do you think you’ll handle labor and delivery? How do you think Mollie will?
I think I’ll be good—I’m observant so I hope that will help me see exactly what Mollie will need through the labor. I think Mollie will be great!

Really poopy diaper duty/late-night feedings: what do you think the workload split should be?
Well…the political answer would be 50/50. But you know how light of a sleeper I am…so I’m thinking I may be up quite a bit. 😉

Say Mollie says tomorrow, the baby’s coming! Are you ready?
I am now after Childbirth Express. What time was your first contraction? And the next? 5 minute contractions for 2 hours, we’re ready to go!


1 Response to “Interview with the Expectant Father”

  1. 1 Deb October 9, 2009 at 8:51 am

    So cool. You two are going to be marvelous parents. Don’t stress too much, Wally. Babies are amazingly resilient! (And if your math in Elgin is like ours at HC, it’s totally different than what you learned back in the day, so nobody expects you to help 🙂

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