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This is the end of before

This is it. The end. The end of the ability to up and go whenever we want. The end of days planned around everything we want to do. The end of sleeping in on weekends. The end of eating meals uninterrupted. This is the end of before.

But it’s the beginning. The beginning of a family of 3. The beginning of seeing the cute little face that we’ve been waiting so long to see. The beginning of watching life experienced for the first time. The beginning of a great love. The beginning of Wally V’s life.

We’re ready. We’ve been getting ready for our entire lives. Everything we’ve done to this day has taught us everything we’ll know when we start this amazing journey. Wally V, bring it on!

I’d like to thank everyone for reading the blog during this whole pregnancy. It has been incredible to read your comments and feel the support coming through. Wally and I will be continuing a blog for this new beginning at It isn’t set up as a blog yet, but sometime within the next few weeks we’ll be launching to share stories about all the things Small Wal has to teach us.

And as a grand finale, we have a video to share of my growing belly. It grows, then shrinks, then pops back out again. Wally put it together with pictures he took every week for the past 40!

The end!


Babies are small

A statement that’s hard to argue with: babies are small. Now, I realize that there is a physical scientific reason for this (i.e. the baby grows from nothing to something, and inside my belly, and has to make its grand entrance into the world somehow), but I lean toward believing it’s for other reasons, too.

For example, he starts tiny to make it easier on people like me. Weaklings. People who, years after high school, have tried to do one honest real push-up (I can do that, we think. I can do loads in a minute. Remember? Gym class? Presidential testing?), and we’ve found ourselves shaking, elbows locked, unable to do more than the slightest of bends. People who shake when they pick up gallons of milk. Yes, us flabby-armed namby-pambies. So babies start little and wee and itty bitty and gradually get bigger, like increasing weights at the gym. A little at a time. Out of respect for their milksop mommies. (Everyone point in my direction. Together now, 1..2..3…”Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!”)

Plus, all I can think about lately is how tiny this little cutie is, but how much big stuff he comes along with. Crib! Dresser! Changing table! Play pen! Stroller! Carrier! (Okay, these exclamation points are getting annoying. I’ll stop.) Car seat! Bathtub! (I’ve found myself unable to stop. Sorry.) Toys! Diapers! Wally and I determined we’d need to carve out a significant portion of the baby’s closet just for a diaper supply. Is this true?

He has his own room, for crying out loud! This little single-digit-pounder has an entire room in our house. So baby is tiny, but the stuff that comes with him makes up for that. And this situation does not start the day he’s born. It’s already started. According to my sources, my little guy is the size of a medium shrimp this week. Smaller than a matchbox car. A racquetball. Around the size of the pacifiers he’ll eventually enjoy (Wally and I both had mind-farts trying to think of what those things were called. The best we could come up with was “binkies.” I had to look it up. Oh boy.)

Anyhow, the little guy is that small, and yet, he has a lot of stuff that comes along with him. So much so, that my belly has stretched quite a bit already. As of Thursday, I’ll be at the end of my 1st trimester. On to the second mester. So here’s a look at my belly then, and now:


He has a heart!

I spent last night looking through 5-6 websites on how the baby is developing. I haven’t been to the doc yet, but I believe I’m at around 6 weeks. Everything leading up to week 6 was pretty boring. (First 2 weeks or so you’re not even pregnant, then it’s this blob thing, blah blah blah. The only significant item of note is the spinal chord beginning to form.) But it just got exciting, folks. My little guy is still only .25″ or less long, but he has a heart! A little, teeny, eety, beety, baby, beating heart. He barely has a neck, but he has this tiny heart, bulging out of his body.

I told Wally how big he is, and Wally held out his thumb and finger at about the size. Then I told him the little guy has a heart, and Wally pinched his fingers together in rhythm and made a baby heart-pumping sound. Then he stopped and said, “He loves us!”

The little guy also has indents that will eventually become eyes, ears, and a mouth, and 4 cute little nubbins that will become arms and legs. He’s working hard this week!

I showed Wally a picture, and he said it looks like a chicken nugget. So that’s what you can imagine, our little chicken nugget, with a head and the beginning of a neck, and a little extra bulge sticking out of the middle that is my favorite teeny beating development so far.

Today, I’ve given the heart a lot of thought. When some stresses at work have come up, I’ve let my mind drift to that tiny heart, beating away. I like that the heart is one of the first things. First spine, then heart. It makes me happy. Nothing can bother me now, people, my little guy has a heart!

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