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Lessons from breastfeeding class

I just finished watching a breastfeeding DVD, as that’s one of the aspects of baby care I know the least about but have an interest in doing. I’ve heard it’s so good for the baby as far as nutrients go, and also that it saves mucho on the cost of a baby. I’ve also heard that for some moms it just doesn’t work.

Breastfeeding is sort of a weird topic. It’s very comfortable for new moms to talk about, but other than that most people are a bit uncomfortable. People try to pretend it’s a topic they’re okay with, but feel just a little strange—after all, it’s boobs we’re talking about here. Boobs and sucking. (If you weren’t uncomfortable with the topic before, I bet you are now!) Seriously, though. Not the next thing I want to talk to my dad about.

New moms, though, they’ll go to town with the topic. Some of the best new mom stories I’ve heard begin with “I leaked once when…” or “I was so full of milk I had to…” These stories, although not funny at all at the time, I’m sure, are always great for a new mom laugh months later. In fact, if the whole breastfeeding thing works out for me, I hope to have some embarrassing boob milk stories for the blog in the future.

Anyhow, I learned a few things from this breastfeeding DVD I watched that I thought were interesting:

  • You can wake a sleeping baby! If you’re trying to keep the baby on an every 2-3 hours schedule like the DVD recommends, especially in the first few weeks, you’ll have to wake the baby up to make that happen. It sounds like it’s a “good luck” thing with some babies, though, as they are really tired and love their sleep the first week or so. Good luck waking them!
  • You may have noticed babies all have the same nose. Now you can know a reason, according to the DVD: babies noses all are pug noses so they can’t be smothered by mom’s boobs when breastfeeding. The nose tilts up so they can breathe!
  • A lesson I gathered on my own from the DVD: Like on Seinfeld, there’s good naked and bad naked. Breastfeeding is bad naked. Really! The instructor on this DVD was fully clothed using a doll to demonstrate positions to hold the baby in. I got what she meant, but for some reason the DVD editors felt the need to cut to Boobs McGee or Booby McBooberson to demonstrate as well. Trust me on this formula: boobie closeup + attached baby = bad naked.
  • Last, breastfeeding is hard work! I still hope to make it happen, but I know a little more about how much of a commitment it’s going to take. Wish me good boobie milk luck (or not, as that is an awkward phrase even as I type it)!

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